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We know that the best discussions, thinking and productivity occurs when there is diversity. Many high-profile conferences, events and taskforces lack gender balance, despite there often being no shortage of expert women. It is estimated less than 15% of panellists in Australia are women. Less than 12% of experts cited in business newspapers are women. Such optics have consequences.

The Panel Pledge is a commitment made by any speaker requested to participate in a panel or forum, to ask the organiser about the gender balance of the program and highlight their commitment to diversity. It involves actively encouraging women voices in our industry and persevering to achieve change.

The Male Champions of Change, including the Property Male Champions of Change, Chief Executive Women and Women’s Leadership Institute Australia are committed to calling out imbalances and pushing for an improvement. The Panel Pledge is effective and simple to implement. Business leaders who sign the pledge commit that whenever they are invited to be involved in or sponsor a panel or conference, they will inquire about organiser efforts to ensure women leaders are represented. We, the Property Council of Australia, have taken The Panel Pledge to ensure there is gender balance in Property Council panels and forums.

The guide and video below explain how you can take The Panel Pledge.

Download the Panel Pledge Guide.


Video: Male Champions of Change, 25 August 2015 business forum.