Diversity & Inclusion Factsheet

Achieving gender equity is important for workplaces not only because it is ‘fair’ or seen as ‘the right thing to do’.

2018 Lendlease

2018 Parents at Lendlease Program Brochure

Parents At Work is a social enterprise to improve the lives of working parents by ‘creating family friendly workplaces of the future’.

2018 Lendlease

Understand Domestic Violence

One in three women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence perpetrated by someone known to them.

2018 White Ribbon

Pregnant Employee information (for employees)

Being pregnant does not mean that you cannot continue to make a valuable contribution to the business.

2018 Australian Human Rights Commission

Pregnant Employees information (for employers)

Meet your obligations and ensure that pregnant employees are not subjected to negative comments, remarks and jokes about their pregnancy.

2018 Australian Human Rights Commission

Employer checklist for flexible work requests

Policies do not need to be long or complicated. This tool provides guidance on creating a parental leave and breastfeeding policy.

2018 Australian Human Rights Commission

Successful strategies to support working parents

This resource for employers highlights ‘leading practices’ that can be used to successfully support pregnant employees and working parents.

2018 Australian Human Rights Commission

Supporting Working Parents

Effective communication between you and your manager about these rights and obligations will enable you to keep working safely.

2018 Australian Human Rights Commission
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