The Girls in Property program raises awareness amongst high school students about the raft of career paths the property industry offers, encouraging greater female participation in the property industry.

This initiative assists more young women to choose to work in the property industry, helping to create a sustainable pipeline of talent for the growing industry.

Following on from a hugely successful pilot project in NSW in 2017, the Property Council rolled out the Girls in Property program across the country in 2018, involving 390 students from 18 different schools.

In 2019, the program expanded to over 25 schools and over 600 students nationally. The outstanding growth of the program over three years is a testament to this important initiative.

The students gain insights into the industry, hear from women and men industry leaders about what a career in property looks like, the challenges and opportunities that a career in the industry might present and the raft of careers available; they focus on why the industry is so important to the social and economic development of Australia, and have the opportunity to attend site tours of new mixed-use developments in their state for a behind the scenes guided tour.


To learn more about the program in each State please on the animated map below:

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