To be a successful participant you will need to:

icons8-tick-box-1Arrange to meet with your sponsor at the beginning of the program to discuss:

  • What you want to achieve from the program.
  • Mapping out a schedule of face-to-face meetings during the year.
  • Which events and professional development opportunities you would like your sponsor to host or enrol you in during the year.

icons8-tick-box-1Actively engage with your sponsor during the program and meet at least twice during the year

While the program is sponsor-driven and not a mentoring program, your sponsor should actively advocate for, and promote, your career advancements.

The program requires that you meet face-to-face with your sponsor a minimum of twice during the year. These meetings are designed to assist you to map out your career plan, identify professional development needs and prepare for your organisation’s appraisal process.

icons8-tick-box-1Attend 500 Women in Property networking events in your division

You will be expected to attend the launch and wrap-up events with your sponsor in your state/territory.

In addition to these you will be invited to attend exclusive 500 Women in Property bespoke virtual masterclasses.



icons8-tick-box-1Attend two (minimum) Property Council events with your sponsor during the year

The Property Council runs a dynamic and diverse program of events in your division and your sponsor will host you at a minimum of two during the year at no cost to you.

We encourage you to liaise with your sponsor to discuss which Property Council events you are most keen to attend.

icons8-tick-box-1Communicate with your sponsor prior to each event to find out who will be attending

This will provide you with the time to research the speakers and consider asking a question during the Q&A session (if appropriate).

icons8-tick-box-1Observe a Property Council Committee during the year

A valuable and unique part of the program is the opportunity to observe a Property Council Committee meeting. Participants will be invited to attend a meeting in their State/Territory to provide an understanding of how the committees work and to broaden your network.

It is your responsibility to attend the Committee meeting at the date provided. You are not expected to attend with your sponsor and we will, where possible, ensure you are attending with another 500 Women in Property participant.

There is an expectation at the meeting that you will provide a brief overview of yourself, your career aspirations and experience of the program to date. Prior to the meeting we encourage you meet with your sponsor to discuss the committee format and ways to actively engage.


icons8-tick-box-1Discuss and engage in professional development opportunities

We encourage you to discuss with your sponsor how to leverage networking opportunities through the 500 Women in Property program and, where appropriate, identify any professional development opportunities.

As a participant in the program, you are eligible for a 10 per cent discount on all Academy courses running during the year.

You can view all the courses here

icons8-tick-box-1Provide feedback on the program via two formal surveys and to your State/Territory Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Feedback surveys are sent mid-way through the program and towards the conclusion.

icons8-tick-box-1Advise the Property Council if you are changing roles, companies and/or your sponsor has changed

To ensure you continue to receive updates on 500 Women in Property events and opportunities, please ensure we have your current information.

Kindly note, if you leave a Property Council member company you will no longer be eligible to participate in the program. If your sponsor leaves a Property Council member company, we will work with you to find a replacement sponsor.